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Conclusion (and possibly including some Results)



In Empirical Reports, this is typically a one or two paragraph repetition of your key results (often graphically depicted), and summary of your discussion. 


In Proposals, it is your final summary of your pitch.  


In Feasibility Studies, this is a short final discussion of your overall assessment of the feasibility of the alternative courses of action you studied.  



***In any case, this will involve some short discussion of two things:


One: A Re-presentation of Results of your Research (typically as a graphic).  


Two: A brief repetition of key discussions, of the best possible solutions, or courses of action (including the ways they can come together, or the ways to combine them over time).  Think of this as the time/space where you provide the essential details of the range of possible solutions considered in the project,  while discussing the solutions in relationship to each other:

    • could all solutions be implemented?

    • Are some complementary?
    • Are some contradictory? - i.e., is it impossible to implement both of them?.
    • What potential time frame for working through the varied alternatives/solutions makes sense? 


The amount of detail you will have to provide to describe your conclusions will vary based on their individual complexity, and how you organize your superstructure to discuss your 'results'.


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