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The Recommendation section of your final report is a brief statement, or list of what solutions or next steps you are recommending to your readers, based on the preceding results and/or evaluation sections. It is usually no longer than a few paragraphs, with sub-headings, and possibly a brief outline of the positive consequences of taking the recommendation.


For our cases, we'll move from our most significant and specific recommendations (backed by our research), and move into our more informal suggestions.  


Some teams will also want to include multiple images and/or screenshots per recommendation.




Example 1


Recommendation of Multiple Solutions




Based on the evaluation of each proposed solution and based on understanding the needs of NZC, the most effective way for Natural Zone Corp. to reduce redundancy is to implement all of the 4 proposed solutions. By combining the solutions of creating specialized NZC sizing charts and by implementing a shelf storage system instead of the current box method, the Online Stores Manager and the Shipping Manager’s offices are benefited. By implementing the Auction Wizard 2000 system, the Payment Manager’s job is redundancy free and the Shipping Manager is able to do his job independent of the Payment Manager. By implementing the Macro Express shipping system, the company saves time and money on sending multiple packages to the same address at the same time. When combined together, these solutions help the three discussed managers and their employees and the company as whole to reduce superfluous steps in their daily business processes. In addition, the proposed solutions are all necessary for the company to implement at this important growth stage. These systems will allow for top management to work on the business to expand it, as opposed to in the business trying to fix basic operational problems. These systems will also allow for Natural Zone to handle higher volumes of business.

Example 2


Very Brief Recommendation




Based on our finding we believe that several of our proposed solutions will increase current recruitment rates among recent graduates. They are:


  • Reserve a select number of seats for recent graduates within the Alumni Council
  • Require the Blue and White Society to meet with students in freshman seminar classes
  • Have the Alumni Association meet with students in upper classman seminars


These solutions appear to satisfy our criteria, while creating the largest impact on the target audience. In addition the implementation of these solutions requires minimal effort and change on the part of the Alumni Association.

Example 3


Detailed Recommendation


The most probable solution to the over-crowding issues in the White Building is to inform members that they have options. Many members may prefer the White Building over other alternative fitness facilities on campus, but with the Recreation Hall nearing completion, students will have an innovative, fresh, and more refined fitness center.


The best way to increase member awareness about the new Recreation Hall and alternative work-out facilities is by promoting the fitness website. Students will be able to gain information about each individual fitness center along with current occupancy in each facility. By accessing the website before going to the gym, students will know the number of members using the facility, the total occupancy of each center, and the current wait, if applicable.


Not only is promoting the fitness website the cheapest solution, it is simple and will avoid time consuming affairs. After building a brand new multi-million dollar fitness center (Recreation Hall), we need to increase awareness about this new fitness facility. Promotional ads in the Daily Collegian will enhance student awareness. Also, if White Building staff members hang banners in the White Building and other social vicinities such as the HUB, members will acquire knowledge of the fitness website.


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